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What is NCR Paper?

NCR stands for "No carbon required" paper and is used to transfer information filled in by pen or computer on the top sheet of paper to others beneath.

It has become the ideal solution for companies who use multi-sheeted forms as part of their day-to-day business. NCR sheets will accurately transfer the information applied on the top sheet by a pen to up to five sheets below, without the use of messy carbon paper. This type of NCR technology is available in several formats.

NCR Sets

The sheets are glues together, but are easy to separate at the top, so both you and your customer can both keep a copy of the form. Sets come in sets of two, three, four or five and kept in a loose boxed form, ideal for storage and quick, efficient use by you and your staff. These come in the following options.

2,3,4 or 5 part sets

Numbering for each set

NCR Pads

These are several NCR sets glued together to create one large pad. There are typically 50 sets to a pad and comes with a writing shield which users can insert under each set at the appropriate point. This is handy if you wish to keep all your NCR sets in one place, rather than storing them loose, especially if you are transporting them to different locations.

NCR Pads come in the following options. Choose which ones are best for you business.

2,3,4 or 5 part sets.

Numbering for each set usually in red or black ink.

A plain or printed cover which has your company name and logo.

A wraparound writing shield to prevent unwanted transfer onto other sets.

NCR Books

These contain multiple NCR sets, but are stapled into a book with perforation and bound with black tape. The top sheets can be easily torn out of the book and given to customers when required, while the business copy remains stapled in the book for safe-keeping. This is a highly organised system and means all your business copies are kept securely in the same place and helps to make sure nothing can go missing. These come with the following options: 2,3,4 or 5 parts Numbering for each set.

Plain or printed cover

A wraparound writing shield to separate each set and prevent unwanted transfer onto others. These are ideal for use in different locations.

Continuous NCR

These are computer-based dot matrix forms which can be printed off from most office based software. These sheets are perforated and the holes can be removed if requires.

Hatched printing/Desensitised areas

Areas of the form can be desensitised so the writing on the top sheet is not transferred to those underneath. This is useful when you require sensitive information provided by your customer not to be transferred onto multiple sheets.

The Uses and benefits of NCR paper

The flexibility of NCR paper has made it a very useful resource in the business world. Here are a few examples of how they can of great benefit to your business and how they can be used in everyday transactions.

Easy to create a form

NCR paper is easy to print your own unique form template on, meaning you can design a form which is unique to your business needs. This can include a company name, logo and contact details to make it easily identifiable to your customer.

Easily Transportable

NCR paper comes in neat little sets, pads or folders, meaning that they will fit easily into a binder, bag or briefcase and can be transported around easily.


As information is easily transferable from one sheet to another it reduces the need for a photocopier and so can be used easily in the field without carrying heavy equipment around which needs a power source.


One of the most common uses for NCR paper is for the signing of contracts or an agreement between two parties. This is important if both parties require a copy of terms and conditions of a contract for example.


Another common use for NCR pads are for transactions between businesses and customers. This could be for the sale of a car, high value goods, to a tenancy agreement. NCR are common ways of creating receipts for purchases, especially if it is important that both parties keep a copy of the transaction.

Use In the field

The easy storage and flexibility of NCR paper means they are ideal in the use of field sales and can be carried to different locations easily. For example, door to door sales, breakdown services and estate agents often use NCR outside their offices to be used in poor weather, in vehicles, houses and anywhere else that business transactions can be made.

Maintaining financial Records

NCR books are ideal for keeping records because the business copies can be kept together, in one place, with no chance of them being lost. It means that customer queries can be dealt with more effectively and it is easier for you to keep track of sales and invoices. The forms can be numbered so the records can be found and dealt with more efficiently.

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