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Having CCTV cameras installed at your home or business is becoming an increasingly important and affordable way of protecting what is valuable to you. The sight of a well positioned, well maintained high quality camera can act as a huge deterrent to thieves, helping to reduce theft from properties and vehicles. Good quality footage is admissible in court and can be used as evidence to help convict criminals. Atom security has a wide range of options to protect your property. Upgrade your CCTV system today.

CCTV Systems

A standard CCTV system can be affordable and effective. Simple dome cameras which attach to the ceiling can be an unobtrusive and affordable way of protecting the inside your property. Alternatively outdoor cameras in a driveway, or on the exterior of a building, can monitor outdoor activity in all weathers.


HD cameras bring security to a whole new level. The footage is filmed in Blu Ray DVD quality, making it easier to see what is happening and identify those involved if necessary. HD Cameras can communicate more effectively with computers and DVRs, so footage can be copied, stored and played back at a later date when required.


These cameras are designed to be vandal proof and create a wider viewing angle, guaranteeing increased area coverage and visibility during rainy or foggy weather.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

We offer a complete remote monitoring service, which saves you the cost of hiring a security guard or using 24 hour agents. A breach of security will be logged and an alarm call made directly to the police 24/7, meaning you can rest easy that your property is secure even when you are away.

Smart Monitoring

Smart remote monitoring means you can view the footage taken by your security cameras on any mobile, computer or tablet at anytime and anywhere in the world.

IP Cameras

Special IP cameras can be installed to send footage over Wi-Fi and Internet connections. The video can be viewed on the Internet from anywhere in the world. This method is ideal for offices and can be discreetly hidden inside clocks, books or DVD players.

Other Options

Atom Security provides a wide range of other services and technologies associated with CCTV surveillance.


Once your security system is installed, it is extremely important that it is correctly maintained. A dirty lens or faulty connection could prove costly if it fails to record or distorts the image, meaning that it is not admissible in court because an intruder cannot be identified. Our expert team can offer a complete maintenance service and equipment testing, giving you peace of mind that it will do its job when called upon.

Thermal Imaging Cameras and Infra red devices

Thermal imaging cameras specialise in detecting heat sources and are ideal for long distance security high on buildings where facial identification would be impossible. Infra red cameras make it possible to see in the dark, making them perfect for properties where there is no other artificial light during the night.

Number Plate Recognition

This system uses optical character recognition technology to record car number plates in any conditions, light or dark.

Video Analytics

Analysing the footage on screen is an important part of identifying people, vehicles and animals. This process can be used to monitor speed, direction and time, allowing the viewer or police to build up a picture of what actually happened and how.

Pan Tilt Zoom

These types of cameras allow the camera lens to automatically move in accordance with the action. Pan moves the camera around horizontally, while tilt puts the camera at a correct angle and zoom makes it move closer to the object.

Covert Cameras

Cameras can be made to look like, or be inserted inside everyday objects in order to secretly film an area, without it looking obvious.


Atom security provides a wide range of DVRs (digital video recorders) which enables footage to be digitally stored and recorded on the hard drives of computers, laptops and tablets.