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It goes without saying that having an effective fire alarm, in either your home or commercial premises is an essential part of basic health and safety. It is the law that all commercial premises where there are workers and/or members of the public inside must have an effective fire detection system.

Your fire alarm system must be tested at least once a year, along with a fire drill, plus constant checks on fire escape routes and fire doors, to make sure they are kept clear at all times.

Different fire alarm systems may be needed depending on the type and size of the premises. Whatever your needs, Atom Security has it covered.

Design and Installation

Our highly trained and professional team will design and install the perfect fire alarm for your needs and provide the perfect solution in accordance with individual building specifications.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our fire alarms are designed so they alert the fire brigade of the incident, so they can attend immediately.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems can also be installed along with the alarm, which will douse water onto the fire and help put it out before the fire brigade arrive.

Network Fire Alarms

These systems are ideal for buildings with multiple floors. Information as to the source and which floor the fire is displayed on a control panel. This enables appropriate action can be taken, such as evacuation through a safe escape route away from the fire.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Our expert team will follow up the installation with tests, fire drills and repairs in accordance with the law.