How To Plan A Website (…and get it right the first time!)

It has occurred to me that I don’t really have set process for planing a website. Sure there are a few things I do. I look for other designs and styles that I like. I check out the competition. For clients I have a website brief document that when filled in gives myself and my designers enough information to make a start. But I don’t have a comprehensive, catch all, set process for helping myself and my clients get [...]

How To Make A Proper Brew

Tea. It’s as Brittish as being Brittish. us Brits consume 16m million cups of Tea per day. That’s 60.2 billion cups per year! That’s a lot of tea. Yet still – some people do not know how to make a decent brew. Like… just go and make me a cup of tea already wtf is wrong with you!? If you are coming to work with me then your tea game better be on form or i’ll be showing you the [...]

The Biggest Website Speed Performance Gain To Be Had From Simply Pressing One Button

Do you use Cpanel? Or does your website come with access to Cpanel maybe and you just havent bothered to look? Well – here is a quick tip the will give you a good performance boost. We all know speed is one of the big factors in on site SEO these days. We like on site SEO, don’t we? If you do that right then it doesn’t take much to flood your website with traffic! Anywhoo – this one is [...]

Enable Shortcodes In Widget Areas (WordPress)

You know by default in WordPress you can’t use shortcodes in widget areas. Stupid, right? Why? Nobody knows. There has been speculation with some saying it’s the developers just trying to be awkward because they can’t have a pay rise. Luckily there is a simple solution! Simply open your functions.php file and add the following code at the bottom: add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); The Gods of WordPress will now look favorably upon you and grant you the use of shortcodes in your widget [...]