How To Make A Proper Brew

How To Make A Proper Brew

Tea. It’s as Brittish as being Brittish. us Brits consume 16m million cups of Tea per day. That’s 60.2 billion cups per year! That’s a lot of tea. Yet still – some people do not know how to make a decent brew. Like… just go and make me a cup of tea already wtf is wrong with you!?
If you are coming to work with me then your tea game better be on form or i’ll be showing you the door quicker than you can say ‘PG Tips’! If you want to climb the ladder in any industry. If you want to succeed in life. If you want to avoid failing at life completeley. Then you need to know how to make a decent brew. Watch and learn.

Step 1

Positioning doesn’t matter just get it in there

Tea bag in cup. That wasn’t so bad, right?

Step 2

Let the bag see the…. water

Boiling water in. Again, this is pretty simple so far.

Step 3

After 3 minutes

Let it brew. It’s called a brew! Let the tea bag brew in the cup for at least 3 minutes. If you bring me a cup of tea that has been brewed like this for less than three minutes then I will throw it in your face and sack you. This is your first and last warning. This part is so important I gave it it’s own step. So take note. Please.

Step 4

Now you know…

Strain that tea bag! You strain that tea bag with a spoon..! This is another key step and thus warrants it’s own section. The idea is to squeeze the water out of the bag so as to acehive a stronger infusion. Rerpeat this at least ten times. Again, less than ten strains is a sackable offence. Also – don’t break it or you will have to start again and delays can cost you dearly. I have illustrated the process below to get you started.

Step 5

You should now have in front of you a perfectly brewed and strained cup of tea. All there is left to do now is add milk and sugar according to taste. The pros have it with a good dash of milk and one sugar.

Step 6

Enjoy. If you have done this right you should end up with something looking like the image below. You are going for a slight orange tint.


You have no excuse now not to go and make a brew!

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